2018 Hackathon

Tech to the hood, one student at a time

hackathon sacramento

Code For Hood is back!

We are hacking education and entrepreneurship with workshop driven hackathons. Join us in South Sacramento for 2.5 days of action packed educational fun. Learn coding, video game design, 3D design, engineering, art, website design, entrepreneurship and more!

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Classes and workshops on development and design take place Friday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Sept. 29. A team-building competition will be on Sunday, Sept. 30.

At the beginning of each day, presenters give technical demonstrations to show in-demand skills students will develop.

Students will be offered six, 90-minute workshops, possibly including: Scratch Programming, 3D-modeling with SketchUp, design thinking and more.

Students will pick or be assigned projects based off the classes on Friday and Saturday. Mentors will provide hands-on guidance and technical direction toward their project goals.

How much is the whole weekend?
Just $25.

Do I have to bring a laptop?
No, but we highly encourage it.

What are the ages of the participants?
12-17, but we’re not checking IDs.

Do I have to bring my kid all weekend?
If you are not attending, then try bringing them at the beginning of the day.

Do I have to be present if my kid is there?
You’re welcome to stay but can drop your child off. Parents will not be allowed to attend the workshops.

Will food be served?
Yes, continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served throughout the day. If your child has dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly.

We are proud to say the City of Sacramento and Uber are our mega sponsors of this awesome, educational event. Thank you!

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Events & Happenings

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2018 Venue

Oak Park Community Center: 3425 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817


Afterschool Programs

Coming Soon: Programs teaching students age 12-21 tech and entrepreneurship skills.


Classes & Workshops

Coming Soon: Programs teaching basic coding, video game design, design thinking and more.